La Romana Farine, foraggi zootecnici. Produzione e trasformazione di foraggi biologici di qualità.



Our main product is Alfalfa,  which grows in neighbouring fields according to traditional methods, with the use of the most modern cutting and harvesting equipment.

Fodder picked on the alfalfa, which lives an average of four years, is taken to a factory and it undergoes the process of artificial dehydration until it reaches the appropriate degree of humidity, necessary for its preservation during the following months, also thanks to facilities that are equipped with hot air generators, exclusively produced with environmental-friendly gas.

Alfalfa fodder, notoriously classified among the products known for their protein content and quality, is also used for highly digestible quality fibre intake in the nutrition ratio.

Dehydrated alfalfa bales

Thanks to the artificial dehydration process, the product is able to maintain a high amount of protein, beta-carotene, vitamins and mineral salts.
This process prevents the formation of mould and toxins, that might cause disturbance in the cattle.

The quality of the product differs according to the mowing periods. Of the four or five mowings that are done every year, the richest in protein are the last ones, while the most valuable for fibre are the second and third.
This is how dehydrated alfalfa is packaged:

  • inbales, with an average weight range of 400/800 kg.
  • in pelletswith different sizing, starting from 6 mm in diameter.


Protein 10 – 18 % s.s. 12 – 20 % s.s.
Moisture 12% max 12% max
NDF 45 % s.s. max 45 % s.s. max
ADF 35 % s.s. max 35 % s.s. max
Packaging Bales 400/800 kg

– Pell mell
– BigBag 500/1000 kg