La Romana Farine, foraggi zootecnici. Produzione e trasformazione di foraggi biologici di qualità.

Dried fodder


La Romana Farine transforms both alfalfa and fodder deriving from mixed meadows mainly consisting of grasses and clovers, which are cultivated in neighbouring hills.
These types of fodders are mainly harvested during the first cutting.

The type of dried fodder thus obtained shows a significantly reduced protein content compared to alfalfa.

Nonetheless, this feed is intended for the breeding of fattening animals (bovine, ovine and caprine animals) or stock animals (equine and breeding animals).







Hay bales

Obtained during the first cutting of natural grass which is selected and dried.
Natural grass fodder that is cut up, dried and pressed in bales using processes that leave their original nutritional characteristics unaltered.
The first cutting in bales occurring in May is a fodder that has great nutritional composition, rich in carbohydrates (fibre and sugars).

Thanks to the long fibre, the fodder obtained from the first cutting allows to stimulate chewing and rumination.
Dried fodder is packaged in bales weighing between 400/800 kg.

Hay pellets

Fodder that is transformed into pellets can be used in different ways, both for the feeding-stuff industry, and also for the direct feeding of fattening and stock animals.

The first cutting in pellets occurring in May is a fodder that has great nutritional composition, rich in carbohydrates, protein and other components that are present in smaller amounts but still important for the body, like minerals and vitamins.

Pellets facilitate storing and handling, with a prolonged preservation of the product , they also assure an easy use during all periods of the year and in all farming conditions.

Sizing of the pellets may differ, starting from 6mm in diameter.


Protein 8 – 13 % s.s. 8 – 13 % s.s.
Moisture 12% max 12% max
NDF 65 % max 65 % max
ADF 45 % max 45 % max
Packaging Bales 400/800 kg

– Pell mell
– BigBag 500/1000 kg