La Romana Farine, foraggi zootecnici. Produzione e trasformazione di foraggi biologici di qualità.


La Romana Farine produces, transforms and markets vegetable products that are usable in zoo-technical feeding.
The company concentrates 90% of its production on fodders and alfalfa, its main product, which is cultivated in the neighbouring fields according to a combination of traditional methods and the use of the most modern and advanced cutting and harvesting equipment.

Alfalfa fodder, notoriously classified among the products appreciated for their protein content and quality, is also used for highly digestible quality fibre intake in the nutrition ratio.

In order to face the always increasing demand of dietary fibre, the company has equipped itself of production lines dedicated to the manufacturing of fibre products, such as cereal straws and plant residual products left after the harvest of grains.

La Romana Farine products are all based on alfalfa, fodders, straw and they can all be commercialised in:

  • pressed flour in cubes(cubes or pellets);
  • long fibre bales in the shape of a parallelepiped(whole plant);
  • short fibre bales(length between 4 and 20 cm).

The company guarantees traceable  products (with an HACCP certification), therefore being able to provide its customers with the product’s course, from the field it was cultivated in to the animal that makes use of it.
This also thanks to the direct management of the farms where most of the fodders come from, precisely six productive units all with organic certification.